Diversey Press Releases 2017

Title Ref Issued
DIV17/02: Cleaning Innovation Aplenty At New Cancer Centre (10 August 2017)
DIV17/25: Innovations Add To Total Cleaning Offer (16 August 2017)
DIV17/10: Floorcare In Food Production (23 August 2017)
DIV17/37: Innovative Hand Care System Maximises and Optimises Soap/Foam Availability (20 September 2017)
DIV17/44: TASKI’s Silent Vacuum Revolution Targets New Heights of Efficiency (27 September 2017)
DIV17/43: Diversey Upgrades Robotic Cleaning with New Floor Care Machine (5 October 2017)
DIV17/21: Rise of the Machines – Robotic Cleaning of Sports Facilities (11 October 2017)
DIV17/33: First Robotic Floor Cleaner in Scotland (25 October 2017)
DIV17/17: A Smarter View of Cleaning Operations For Bouygues Energies & Services (8 November 2017)
DIV17/34: IntelliDish – Smarter Management of Dishwashing (14 February 2018)
DIV17/36: Infection Prevention Innovation From Diversey (7 March 2018)
DIV17/28: Options for Surface Disinfection in Healthcare Settings (8 February 2018)
DIV17/08: Use Innovations To Make Better Use Of Resources (22 February 2018)
DIV17/56: Robot Enhances Overnight Cleaning At NHS Fife (28 February 2018)
DIV17/12: Battery Machines For Convenience, Performance and Safety (14 March 2018)
DIV17/07: Diversey Care Becomes Eco-Schools England Headline Partner (14 February 2017)
DIV17/04: Battery Power Ensures Compact Floorcare Autonomy (26 April 2017)
DIV17/09: Sustainable Cleaning For Schools (18 May 2017)
DIV17/19: Carry Tray For Cleaning Convenience (14 June 2017)