Fixed Price PR


Growing organisations want results from a PR programme.

For many this means lead generation and increased awareness in the marketplace.  But they also want value for money and cost control. 

Fixed Price PR offers a number of advantages:

  • fixed monthly fee
  • predetermined contract length
  • focus on results
  • commitment to quality
  • no hidden extras

Fixed Priced PR is ideal for organisations that have not undertaken a PR programme before.

The programmes I devise are based on the same rigorous planning that I use for all public relations activities. They are implemented using state of the art computerised systems.

Of course if your needs are a little more sophisticated, or you want greater flexibility, I can help with that too. A full range of public relations services is also available on a conventional consultancy basis.


Before the contract starts I work with you to identify stories that can be turned into press releases, case studies or feature articles. This is critical because the programme relies on the availability of suitable material. If you don't have enough stories, the programme won't work.

Using the stories we identify I will devise a programme with basic strategy and objectives.  I prepare the texts and manage all approvals with your customers. The finalised texts are used as source material during the programme for issuing to your target media.

A typical Fixed Price PR programme comprises:

  • planning meeting
  • fixed number of press releases
  • fixed number of case studies and/or articles
  • submission of information to planned "forward" features (that magazines announce in advance of publication)
  • regular reportsprogramme review meeting

Additional components such as press cuttings service can be included, subject to prior agreement. If photography is required you will need to pay for it separately.


The cost of a Fixed Price PR programme is spread over a minimum six months. The cost? Well, that depends on what we agree up front but typically the cost starts at £500 per month.

The catch? There isn't one. What you get is a planned and sustainable PR programme delivered over an agreed period for a fixed cost.

Hidden extras? There aren't any. But if there are any additional costs involved these will be agreed with you in advance and before any spending commitments are made.