High Performance Alternative To Traditional Floorcare

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The revolutionary TASKI swingo 250µicro is a lightweight and mobile micro scrubber drier that combines floor scrubbing, mopping, and drying in a single design to offer a highly productive one-pass cleaning alternative to traditional floorcare processes. The battery-powered machine is designed for facilities of any size that need excellent performance and professional results. It helps cleaning teams address the health and safety concerns of unclean floors, enhance facility appearance, and create safe environments for visitors and personnel.

TASKI has collaborated with a major partner to devise this innovative machine. The slim and compact design enables the flexibility and manoeuvrability that allows it to operate in tight and confined spaces. Operators now have the option to replace secondary or manual cleaning processes with the enhanced results and performance that can only be delivered by mechanical cleaning.

Using a scrubber drier to scrub, mop, and dry a floor in a single pass takes less time, increases efficiency, and reduces risk for facility users compared to traditional floorcare processes. With labour representing around 80 per cent of cleaning costs the new machine can reduce total cleaning costs by up to 70 per cent.

The new machine’s mechanical action creates up to ten times the pressure on the floor. It removes up to five times more soiling and up to 65 per cent more water from the floor than traditional wet mopping. The result is a floor which is visibly cleaner and drier. Trips, slips, and falls resulting from wet or dirty floors are dramatically reduced. The risk of contamination spread by unclean mops and buckets is eliminated.

The machine’s energy-efficient digital electric motors provide smooth and controlled cleaning performance. The brushes and pads rotate at 140rpm to clean floors thoroughly, remove soiling, and pick up water quickly and efficiently in even the smallest spaces.

Battery power frees the operator to work anywhere at any time. There is no mains power cable to limit mobility or present a potential trip hazard. This means the machine can be used more easily and safely in public spaces. The powerful lithium-ion battery stores enough energy for up to 80 minutes continuous run time. It can be recharged in around 60 minutes or swapped with a fully charged unit in a few seconds. Swapping batteries avoids any delays to ensure maximum machine productivity, performance, and availability throughout the working day.

TASKI has made the new machine easy to use and maintain. The intuitive and ergonomic design of the fully height-adjustable handles makes it comfortable to operate. The user panel incorporates an intuitive two button setup that allows operators to get straight on with their cleaning tasks. Foot operated brush and squeegee levers eliminate the need for the operator to bend over or touch these controls with their hands. 

Waste and fresh water are stored in a tank at the front of the unit. This is easily lifted off for emptying, cleaning, and refilling. Water usage is controlled through a simple control on the tank’s base and can provide outstanding results with very low levels of water usage. Consumption of water and chemical solution is reduced by up to 6500 litres a year for an average application compared to conventional mopping.

Sustainability is further enhanced when the machine is used with a pad from Diversey’s Twister range. These innovative pads, which are impregnated with billions of microscopic diamonds, are available for all types of hard floor and can be used with water alone. They last three times longer than traditional products and significantly reduce the need for periodic maintenance which also reduces costs.

When the machine is not being used it is placed in a compact and upright safe parking mode. This takes up the minimum amount of space to prevent it causing a blockage, becoming a potential hazard, or getting in the way of other activities. Its light weight also means it can be moved easily from one working area to the next. Service points are the same yellow colour that is standard on all TASKI machines, making it easier to identify and carry out routine daily checks.