Diversey Press Releases 2013

Title Ref Issued
DIV13/43: Delivering Consistency For Hospital Cleaning (4 June 2014)
DIV13/04: New TASKI Pur-Eco For Smarter, Certifiable Sustainable Building Care (20 February 2013)
DIV13/05: Room Care Pur-Eco Supports EU Ecolabel Hospitality Cleaning (20 February 2013)
DIV13/08: Diversey Combines Detergent and Rinse Aid in One Product to Simplify Professional Machine Dishwashing (30 April 2013)
DIV13/07: All Year Round Cleaning For Care Homes (8 May 2013)
DIV13/06: EU Ecolabel Super Concentrates - Sustainably Smarter Building Care (17 May 2013)
DIV13/10: The Case For Microfibre (5 June 2013)
DIV13/21: Simpler All Year Round Cleaning To Protect Your Business (13 June 2013)
DIV13/14: The Complete Package for Superior and Sustainable Floorcare (27 June 2013)
DIV13/15: Look At The Whole Life Cost Savings When Choosing Scrubber Driers (19 Aug 2013)
DIV13/18: Sustainability Must Be Certifiable, Demonstrable & Quantifiable (30 August 2013)
DIV13/19: All Out Attack On Infections (5 September 2013)
DIV13/23: Simpler Retail Cleaning (20 September 2013)
DIV13/22: Cleaning Simplicity Promotes Washroom Appearance (30 September 2013)
DIV13/36: Get Ready To Avoid The Flu This Year (22 October 2013)
DIV13/31: Diamonds Are Floorever (30 November 2013)
DIV13/37: Simpler Washroom Cleaning (11 December 2013)
DIV13/40: Preventing Smells In Washrooms (15 January 2014)
DIV13/33: Mobile Applications Enhance Customer Service & Audit Capabilities (24 January 2014)
DIV13/45: Simplify Processes & Reduce Costs By Choosing A Single Cleaning Partner (14 February 2014)
DIV13/41: Lower Laundry Temperatures Have A Bright Outlook (20 March 2014)